JG204 sub-machinegun replica 

A very well made and fitted replica of the PDW sub-machinegun. The replica’s body, the outer barrel, the iron aiming sights and the flash-hider are made of metal, while as the stock, the pistol grip and the front grip are made of nylon. The flash-hider and the stock can be easily detached in order to gain an even more compact replica. The stock itself can be folded to the side in order to facilitate the transport and storage.

The small dimensions, the proper balancing and the overall compactness make the JG201 a perfect replica for close-range skirmishes and for the CQB type games. The replica’s features are even greater thanks to the ambidextrous firing mode selection lever which allows for a comfortable and trouble-free change of the firing mode with both, the left and the right hand. What is important, the iron aiming sights are fully adjustable.

The replica is powered by a V.3 gearbox which is equipped with a set of steel thread-wheels which are placed on 7mm ball bearings. A metal ball bearing spring guide is also used and it significantly facilitates the operation of the mechanism. The gearbox is also equipped with an aluminum bushing on the piston. The replica is equipped with an increased torque motor.

The RIS rail set which is applied in the replica allows to attach different accessories to the replica - tactical grips, laser target markers, flashlights and red dot scopes. This significantly increases the value of the replica by developing its possibilities of adaptation to different conditions of the skirmishes.

AVE FPS 290-300


The set includes:

- the replica,
- a battery,
- a charger,
- a magazine

JG WORKS jg201 with folding stock SMG

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